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Non-Surgical Knee Treatments with Rejuvinix’s Knee Braces and Visco-6 Treatment Series

Our team of board-certified physicians at Rejuvinix introduced the Visco-6 Treatment Series to help patients heal the damaged joints and alleviate pain. It’s a six-step non-surgical treatment that provides effective and long-term pain relief for patients suffering from joint pains.

The Visco-6 Treatment Series starts with a biomechanical assessment of the joint to accurately determine the cause of pain. Our team of specialists then creates a treatment plan that includes lubricating injectable medication, nutrition and exercise plan, and physical therapy. We also monitor patient progress through follow-up consultations to adjust their treatment plan if necessary.

We also offer knee braces for nursing an injury or preventing arthritis from worsening. It’s a good rehabilitation practice for physically active individuals or those who want to experience knee pain relief. Knee braces are also included in the Visco-6 Treatment Series by Rejuvinix.


Are Rejuvinix treatments safe?

Since our treatments don’t involve surgery, they’re a lot safer than surgical procedures for joint pains. Our Visco-6 treatment series is also approved by the FDA. Major complications with these kinds of treatments are extremely rare, but we advise patients to contact us immediately if their symptoms worsen.

How long do the treatments last?

Non-surgical treatments at Rejuvinix usually start after a full health history and assessment. Most sessions take around 30 minutes every once or twice a week for 3-5 weeks. Patients respond differently to the treatments, but most of them experience pain relief from different spine and joint conditions for one year or more.

Does my insurance cover Rejuvinix treatments?

Our Visco-6 treatment series is covered by Medicare and other major insurance providers. However, it’s better to ask the insurance company if there are out-of-pocket expenses you might need to pay before continuing the treatment.

Customized Therapy & Stabilization: The Revolutionary Non-Surgical Treatment for Joints

Here at Rejuvinix, our team of multidisciplinary experts is constantly developing different treatments to help patients with their joint disorders. This reduces the patient’s effective weight by 80% when running, walking, or jogging to reduce stress on their newly treated joints.

We also provide reconfiguration using custom stabilization. This treatment involves using advanced stabilization and support systems to properly align the joints in the body. It allows the patient to improve their joint dynamics and correct abnormal weight distribution. With Customized Therapy & Stabilization at Rejuvinix, patients may experience pain relief and optimal healing for their joints.


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    Donna G.

Rejuvinix Total Spine Care for Long-Lasting Relief from Spine Disorders

At Rejuvinix, we want our patients to experience long-lasting spine and back pain relief without going through surgery. Our Rejuvinix Total Spine Care treats the common causes of neck and back pain, such as arthritis of the spine, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and more using a combination of non-invasive treatments.

After a consultation with us, our team of physical therapists creates a treatment plan which might include medications, rehabilitation exercises, and ice and heat therapies. We also work directly with the client’s physician to develop an effective treatment plan that improves and restores physical strength. All of our treatments are performed inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient comfort and safety at all times.