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Non-Surgical Knee Treatments with Rejuvinix’s Knee Braces and Visco-6 Treatment Series

Our team of board-certified physicians at Rejuvinix introduced the Visco-6 Treatment Series to help patients heal the damaged joints and alleviate pain. It’s a six-step non-surgical treatment that provides effective and long-term pain relief for patients suffering from joint pains.

The Visco-6 Treatment Series starts with a biomechanical assessment of the joint to accurately determine the cause of pain. Our team of specialists then creates a treatment plan that includes lubricating injectable medication, nutrition and exercise plan, and physical therapy. We also monitor patient progress through follow-up consultations to adjust their treatment plan if necessary.

We also offer knee braces for nursing an injury or preventing arthritis from worsening. It’s a good rehabilitation practice for physically active individuals or those who want to experience knee pain relief. Knee braces are also included in the Visco-6 Treatment Series by Rejuvinix.


  • “Friendly, professional staff across the board. They explained things thoroughly and honestly assessed what I might expect, with no pie-in-the-sky promises. The physical therapists worked me within an inch of my life; PT has been as beneficial as the injections in ameliorating my pain and enhancing my endurance and range of motion. The result is an undeniable improvement in the quality of my life.”

    Marie I.
  • “I was referred by a friend and fellow coworker who is very happy with his results. I too am very satisfied with the way everything went from walking in the door and when I left. Staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable and informative. I will definitely be back and will be referring Rejuvenix to everyone!!!”

    Eddie S.
  • “You were so professional and great. I just love the way you explained everything to me in detail, I've been to a lot of places and this has got to be the best place I've ever been by far as medical treatment, because you had all the answers and you guys showed me and told me everything I needed to know about what was going on with my body. Thank you!”

    Antonio L.

Customized Therapy & Stabilization: The Revolutionary Non-Surgical Treatment for Joints

Here at Rejuvinix, our team of multidisciplinary experts is constantly developing different treatments to help patients with their joint disorders. This reduces the patient’s effective weight by 80% when running, walking, or jogging to reduce stress on their newly treated joints.

We also provide reconfiguration using custom stabilization. This treatment involves using advanced stabilization and support systems to properly align the joints in the body. It allows the patient to improve their joint dynamics and correct abnormal weight distribution. With Customized Therapy & Stabilization at Rejuvinix, patients may experience pain relief and optimal healing for their joints.